Smartphone Revolusioner Samsung 2023!!

Smartphone Revolusioner Samsung 2023!! -Again there is no evidence that Samsung will be the first to release a foldable notebook and it is likely that Samsung screens will provide the technology to other manufacturers whatever the circumstances. the year of devices that roll and fold so if you're a fan there's plenty to look forward to. It looks like Samsung could finally get some big competition in the foldable sector next year plus Oriental Technology Titan recently secured the G flex trademark which could indicate that the first dual foldable Samsung phone may be coming in 2023 so with all this you're excited to year 2023 let us know in the comments and also let your friends share their point of view also with us by sharing this video clip with them share this video and be sure to subscribe and don't forget to click the bell or you may not get a warning when I publish see you on foll thanks for the video and also thanks for watching have a peaceful day

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