4 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets You've Never Heard Of

 Hello there my good friends welcome to leading 5 gizmos today We'' re gon na take an appearance at an additional collection of awesome items from Amazon.com

We've tested hundreds of Android phones and separated the wheat from the chaff.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is the best Android phone for most people

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus sits between the smaller Galaxy S22 and the more feature-packed S22 Ultra. It's a premium device that outperforms its siblings in a few key areas. The performance is top-notch, the camera system is impressive, and the software support is the best you can get on an Android phone.

If you want a premium smartphone that can do it all, the Galaxy S22 Plus is the one to get.

2. The Google Pixel 7 is the best value Android phone

It should come as no surprise to see Google make the list of the best Android phones, but the Google Pixel 7 is in a really unique spot. It’s not quite as premium as the Galaxy S22 Plus above, but it hits all the key points while maintaining a price and value that’s unmatched by any other device. You won’t find a better phone for this price without dipping into Apple’s devices, and even then there are some major tradeoffs.

Ultimately, the Pixel 7 isn’t a big change from the Pixel 6, but in this case that’s a good thing. There are minor improvements and fixes throughout (the fingerprint sensor being a big one), and it retains the very attractive $599 price point. That makes it one of the cheapest options on our list of the best Android phones, and you’re not sacrificing a thing.

3. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the best foldable Android phone for most people

A few years ago, foldable devices were a very small niche, with far too many caveats to recommend to anyone but ambitious early adopters. Now, this budding category has matured, and for most people, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a killer Android phone to buy.

Granted, the latest model isn’t a huge change over what the company has put out in the past. It’s more of a refinement of what worked from the previous generation. Considering the Z Flip 3 was previously the best and most popular foldable on the market, that’s not a bad thing. It addressed all of the pain points we had with its predecessor, chief among them battery life. The Z Flip 4 averaged four to five hours of battery life in our testing, which is still less than a traditional flagship, but enough to get through a typical day. It took about 75 minutes to top back off with a wired charger or 90 minutes with a wireless charger in testing, although unfortunately neither are included in the box.

4. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best Android phone for power users

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the powerhouse of traditional phones, but the Z Fold 4 takes things up a notch by unfolding into a bright and sharp 7.6-inch screen. This tablet-like form factor adds a level of productivity you won’t find anywhere else, and combined with an S Pen (which unfortunately isn’t included in the box) and some new features unique to Android 12L, this thing is a beast. If you’ve never heard of it, Android 12L is a special version of Android intended for devices with larger screens, and we found it to be perfect for the Z Fold 4. It essentially adds a taskbar like you’d find on a computer, putting all of your most used apps a single tap away.
Apart from that, it’s flagship performance across the board. We found that even with the larger screen, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 gives the device all the power it needs. It faired a bit better in sustained performance than the Z Flip 4, winning the title of the most powerful foldable you can buy. Battery life is ok, averaging five and a half hours of screen time in our testing and taking roughly 85 minutes to top off. It’s worth noting that these results were with the fastest 120Hz display speeds turned on. You may get longer battery life by lowering the speeds or relying more heavily on the Cover Screen instead of the larger folding screen.

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